Sales & Marketing

I have enjoyed working with Cooper Fitch as I find them to be diligent & thorough in their work. They are good at dealing with ambiguity and are able to piece together missing information & deliver what is needed. Cooper Fitch has excellent insight in the UAE & KSA Talent. We have worked together on several critical roles over the last 3 years; so far it has been a good professional relationship. 

Top 10 Multinational FMCG

This was our first experience using a recruitment company in the Middle East. Cooper Fitch was very responsive to our needs, understood our brief and ultimately delivered an excellent result for us. I would have no hesitation in recommending Cooper Fitch to potential clients going forward in the future. 

Leading Multinational Dairy Organisation

Cooper Fitch are efficient, work smart and knows exactly how to manage their clients. Their ability to map hiring requirements to skills and personality is amazing. Cooper Fitch has a keen eye for detail; their turnaround time and responses to mandates are exceptional. With our large scale hiring not many recruiters could keep up with the pace. However, Cooper Fitch sailed through it and was instrumental in helping us identify the right people, especially in the management cadre. I hope to continue working with them for a long time. 

Multinational FMCG

Cooper Fitch was the driving force behind us filling a role that has been open for 3 years. We were searching for a Sales Director for 3 years but were unable to find the right candidate. After having used Cooper Fitch we managed to find the candidate in 4 weeks from giving them the position to the signing of the contract. Our return on investment on using Cooper Fitch has gone down very well with our owners. 

Oman - Telecommunication Company 

Cooper Fitch assisted us in finding a candidate to open an office for us in Iran. This role was a very technical role and we had over 9 agencies working on this position. Cooper Fitch presented us with 3 candidates one of which we felt would be excellent for the position. After 18 months of interviewing candidates we are very pleased with our new started. 

FMCG Company - Dubai 

We have used Cooper Fitch to fill most of the roles in our Middle East office. They are the only recruitment agency that we use. We continuously get presented with qualified candidates for our roles. The candidates are not only very suitable for our company but also have the cultural fit that we are looking for that is essential in a small team such a ours. It is also important to mention that the people we have hired through Cooper Fitch have stayed with us. 

Multinational Buildings Material Company – Dubai

Originally we engaged Cooper Fitch to support with a Executive position, In more recent months, we have extended our relationship with Cooper Fitch who now has provided our team of 15 Sales and Marketing representatives and regular in-house staff members. We can only say fantastic things and our employees greatly value the personal service Cooper Fitch provides. 

Multinational FMCG

It is refreshing to be able to work with an organisation who will listen to what your needs are and then come back to you with a solution that fits your organisational requirements. Cooper Fitch skilled employees also support our team whilst providing space and not making us feel pressured in any way. We have an open business relationship with Cooper Fitch and we feel the service is honest and communication forthcoming.

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