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North Africa

Population 226 million

Cooper Fitch have been recruiting in North Africa since 1997. We are the recruitment agency of choice within the region, with our team of specialist recruitment consultants that focus in sourcing only the best talent in Accountancy & Finance jobs, Banking & Finance jobs, Property, Construction & Real Estate jobs, Manufacturing Engineering & Supply Chain jobs, Human Resource jobs, Technology jobs, Sales & Marketing jobs, Nationalisation jobs, Digital jobs, Legal jobs, VAT jobs and Tax Jobs.


Please feel to reach out to the Cooper Fitch team for all your recruitment needs in North Africa.


North Africa is the combination of seven countries and is grouped together in trade and commerce. Official languages are Arabic, French, English and Berber with a significant population of 226 million.

Algeria has a population of 40 million with its capital Algiers has an approximate GDP of $250 billion and the currency is Algerian Dinar. 

Egypt has a population of 94 million people, capital Cairo, GDP $500 billion and uses the Egyptian pound. 

Libya as a smaller country has a population of just over 5.5 million people, the capital is Tripoli and has just under $90 billion GDP and used the currency Libyan Dinar.


Morocco with a population of 34 million has its Capital in a city called Rabat, GDP is just over $150 billion and its currency is Moroccan Dirham. 

Sudan has a population of just over 37 million, its capital is Khartoum with GDP of over $80 billion and uses the Sudanese pound. 

Western Sahara has a population of 0.5 million, its capital is El-Aaiún. $900 million GDP and uses the Moroccan Dirham.

Tunisia has a population of 10 million people, capital is Tunis, $125 billion GDP and Tunisian Dinar.

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