nationalisation, nationalisation jobs, Cooper Fitch


nationalisation, nationalisation jobs, Cooper Fitch

Your nationalisation partner

With over twenty years of recruitment experience in the Gulf, Cooper Fitch has a thorough understanding of how, where and when to hire the very best local talent.

Cooper Fitch has supported some of its valued clients in developing, understanding and meeting their nationalisation requirements. Nationalisation programs are initiatives created by the governments of the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Oman to support the development of locals in both the public and private sectors. The initiatives aim at equipping locals with required skills and knowledge to succeed in their professions. These programs have become very prominent in the last ten years and the results can be seen in the public sector.

We have developed a very sophisticated & collaborative way of working with local universities, businesses and government entities to support, facilitate and recruit the very best talent in each of the countries that we operate in. We have received awards and speak regularly at events to support the government's nationalisation strategy across the Middle East.

Since our firm's inception in 1997 in the Gulf, we have built a database of over 100,000 Gulf national candidates to support our clients with their talent requirements with a particular focus on Saudisation, Qatarisation and Omanisation jobs.

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