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Capital Kuwait
Population 3.4 million
Currency Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD)
Demographics Expatriates account for over 70% of the workforce.

Cooper Fitch have been recruiting in Kuwait since 1997. We are the recruitment agency of choice within the region, with our team of specialist recruitment consultants that focus in sourcing only the best talents in Accountancy & Finance jobs, Banking & Finance jobs, Property, Construction & Real Estate jobs, Manufacturing Engineering & Supply Chain jobs, Human Resource jobs, Technology jobs, Sales & Marketing jobs, Nationalisation jobs, Digital jobs, Legal jobs, VAT jobs and Tax Jobs.


Please feel to reach out to the Cooper Fitch team for all your recruitment needs in Kuwait.

Oil and Gas

The petroleum industry in Kuwait is the largest industry in the country, accounting nearly half of the country's GDP. Kuwait has crude oil reserves of 104 billion barrels (15 km³),[1] estimated to be 9% of the world's reserves.


Kuwait has one of the oldest and most financially stable economic systems in the Middle East, with a stock exchange which dates back over 50 years and a well-developed banking system. 


57% of Kuwait’s GDP comes from non-oil industry (mostly business services, manufacturing, retail trade, financial institutions, construction, transport and real estate). Other major industries include real estate, shipping, construction, cement, water desalination, construction material and financial services


The construction industry is highly developed and has seen an observant resurgence of activity in recent years.


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