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We are looking for entrepreneurial individuals who are passionate about investing their time and efforts in order to share the rewards and success of our growth.

We dare to say Cooper Fitch offers one of the most competitive commission structures in the region and rewarding benefits focused on the well-being of our people

Internship Program

Cooper Fitch is always looking for innovative, enthusiastic and progressive interns to join our team. We prepare fresh graduates and inexperienced job seekers for the corporate, dynamic environment of today’s business. The six month program will train you to think comercially, no matter which career you’re looking to grow into.


As a graduate, you step into a blank space where you have no direction, no vision, and no development - just thoughts. Cooper Fitch successfully gave me direction, vision and development. A year ago today, I was me a graduate trying to find a career path and Cooper Fitch was my compass.

December 2014, Graduate Program successor

After completing a degree, carving out a career path for a fresh graduate can always be a daunting task.  It is always difficult to determine what industry may best suit your capabilities and where you can develop your career. Having contacted a number of companies in the UAE, my decision to join the Cooper Fitch graduate program was the right one because of their approach and the positive energy I was given from the get-go. Having completed the six-month program, I have not only developed professionally but as an individual aspiring for bigger and better things.

October 2015, Graduate Program successor - current Consultant

I would recommend Cooper Fitch's Graduate Program to all hardworking fresh graduates that are willing to excel and succeed in their careers right from the beginning. The knowledge and experience you will be exposed to here at Cooper Fitch will only prove that all the hard work and passion invested is appreciated and acknowledged which helps yield the best results and most successful achievements.

October 2015, Graduate Program successor

I moved from Ireland in August 2013 to join Cooper Fitch's researcher program on the Construction desk. Over three years later, I am now working with the most prestigious clients in the GCC and on some of the most iconic construction projects. It's been a fantastic journey of training and development and continued success. 

October 2013, Graduate Program successor - current Managing Partner

The Cooper Fitch Researcher Program taught me the core skill sets to becoming a successful recruiter.  Throughout the six-month training program, I had a mentor to help and guide me with any questions or difficulties I had. This on the job training coupled with one on one and group sessions with senior consultants allowed me to learn the ins and outs of recruitment. Researchers were also given online training in the form of educational videos. Three years later, as the Manager of Cooper Fitch’s Banking & Financial Services division, I can look back at the researcher program as an invaluable tool in helping me achieve my goals with the company and deliver for our valued clients

October 2013, Graduate Program successor - current Manager

I feel that after joining Cooper Fitch I started to enrich my business acumen since all the work I am engaged in is really a hands-on experience.  Literally, every day in recruitment is a different day and that is what made it attractive for me. This job allows me to stretch myself and develop transferable skills that are useful anywhere. Cooper Fitch is definitely a company of choice for those graduates who are willing to step up, commit 100% in order to excel and be generously rewarded for that.

October 2015, Graduate Program successor - current Consultant

The most daunting task I faced after leaving university was finding the right company that can help me start and grow my career in such market conditions. The Cooper Fitch graduate program provided me with the highest level of training and guidance which has allowed me to become a specialist in my industry. I recommend the program to all fresh graduates that want to be challenged every single day and rewarded for all the hard work invested in developing both personally, and professionally while succeeding in recruitment.

November 2016, current graduate - Associate Consultant

The Cooper Fitch Graduate training program is constructed in an easy to digest manner which allows the trainee to develop the necessary skills in order to be a recruiter. You will be exposed to the professional world and can use the hands on training provided to excel and further develop your skills. The program has enabled me to come out of my comfort zone and push myself to strive for the best and develop not only my professional acumen but my emotional attributes as well. The whole team is always available to provide guidance and support whenever necessary. They take an active interest in you and make sure you achieve your full potential. It has been an invaluable experience and I highly recommend the Cooper Fitch Graduate Program, as I have been able to find confidence in myself and my abilities and reap the benefits of the hard work I put in.

November 2016, current graduate - Associate Consultant

The Cooper Fitch graduate program was well organised and structured, with activities and learning lessons planned for each hour of the day. The program opened my eyes to the world of recruitment and made the process of hiring people fun and exciting. Through their teaching style, I was able to develop my individual working style. I believe Cooper Fitch has enabled me with adequate skills to become a successful recruiter.

November 2016, current graduate - Associate Consultant

I was extremely lucky to receive an offer for the Cooper Fitch Graduate Program. After excitedly accepting, I commenced work as an intern in the Accounting and Finance team. 

I was quite nervous during the first few weeks of my internship because this was outside my previous experience and study. However, there was excellent support and training from my mentor and other senior consultant peers that enabled me to contribute to a really challenging project.

Cooper Fitch's GP aims to develop your skills and knowledge for a successful career in recruitment and beyond. One of the development opportunities for me was to gain an insight into the 360 recruitment process. They not only focus on your professional development but also your personal development, which adds to building a charismatic personality.

It is an incredible way to start your career in recruitment. The program focuses on learning and developing through formal training, one on one sessions and group training to provide valuable experiences.

One of the best things about Cooper Fitch, which I am absolutely in love with, is the work environment. The culture is a friendly environment to work in and aims to promote work-life balance. We celebrate achievements through different social gatherings like work dinners, the Halloween yacht party, interns night out and several others. 

I am more than happy to be part of Cooper Fitch and cannot wait to accomplish more achievements.

November 2016, current graduate - Associate Consultant

After completing multiple internships both in the UK & UAE,  I can honestly say I learned more in one week at Cooper Fitch than I did at the other organisations across 3 months. The Cooper Fitch Graduate program throws you in at the deep end and always pushes you outside your comfort zone. The training week is meticulously planned with group workshops, one-on-one sessions & weekly tests to monitor your progress.  My assigned mentor offered a great learning environment with on-going support and guidance from start to finish. The Cooper Fitch Researcher Program has taught me skills & has given me an invaluable introduction to recruitment and the corporate world. Definitely no coffee making in this program!

November 2016, current graduate - Associate Consultant

I have recently completed the Cooper Fitch Graduate Program, and I am truly very grateful to each and everyone in this organisation for all the effort and time that has been spent on teaching us everything it takes to be an outstanding recruitment consultant. Apart from recruitment skills and best practices, we have also been developed in so many areas that really contribute to making us better people in our everyday lives. I would definitely recommend Cooper Fitch to anyone who is looking to start a career in recruitment or is a business that is seeking the right recruitment partner to contribute to their success.

November 2016, current graduate - Associate Consultant

The Cooper Fitch Graduate program set me on the right path towards career success. We were given tools and were taught skills that will help us become more capable professionals. We, the 2016 intern group, went through the challenges together, supported each other through it all, and became close friends along the way. 

November 2016, current graduate - Associate Consultant

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