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Capital Tehran
Population 80 million
Currency Iranian Rial (IRR)

Cooper Fitch have been recruiting in Iran since 1997. We are the recruitment agency of choice within the region, with our team of specialist recruitment consultants that focus in sourcing only the best talent in Accountancy & Finance jobs, Banking & Finance jobs, Property, Construction & Real Estate jobs, Manufacturing Engineering & Supply Chain jobs, Human Resource jobs, Technology jobs, Sales & Marketing jobs, Nationalisation jobs, Digital jobs, Legal jobs, VAT jobs and Tax Jobs.


Please feel to reach out to the Cooper Fitch team for all your recruitment needs in Iran.

Oil & Gas

The majority of Iran’s wealth strives from their oil and gas industry, being the most active sector of the country with the fourth largest oil reserves and the second largest gas reserves worldwide. 


Being the largest automobile producer in the Middle East and for a period of time was globally ranked eleventh. The automotive industry is the country’s second-largest sector. 


Construction accounts for 20-50% of Iran’s total private investment, proving to be a large contributor to the country’s wealth. 




Iran is one of the most important mineral producers in the world, ranked among 15 major mineral-rich countries. The country holds 68 types of minerals, including chrome, lead, zinc, copper, coal, gold, tin and iron.  

Power Plants

Iran has become self-sufficient in designing, building and operating dams and power plants and it has won a good number of international bids in competition with foreign firms. Iran is one of the six countries in the world that manufacture gas and steam-powered turbines

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