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Supply Chain Job- Procurement Manager

Riyadh-Saudi Arabia (KSA)
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July 11, 2017
Ebony Gayle Ebony Gayle

One of the largest ceramics manufacturers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is seeking to fulfil a management position for a supply chain job. The candidate will report directly to the Chief Supply Chain Officer of the company and will be responsible for directing all procurement activities and processes. The role will involve identifying requirements through to fulfilment in order to ensure on-time fulfilment of company projects’ needs and requirements efficiently and effectively.
Key responsibilities include:

  • Develop the procurement functions strategic goals, business plans, budgets and resources in coordination with Chief Supply Chain Officer.
  • Develop adequate policies, processes and KPIs for the procurement function to maintain efficient operational excellence.
  • Communicates the procurement guidelines and processes to employees and ensures a clear understanding of these guidelines.
  • Work towards achieving the procurement strategic objectives and report the progress to executive management.
  • Consults the Chief Supply Chain Officer with regards to procurement plans, processes, procedures, and issues.
  • Ensure responsibilities, authorities, and accountabilities are defined and understood.
  • Identify strategic sourcing needs for SCC by reviewing the material requirements of the various entities and establishing policies for strategic sourcing of the items.
  • Develop a robust vendor base and enters into purchase agreements with the vendors for supplying SCC’s needs based on the requirements of the entities, and in-line with future growth and expansion plans of SCC.
  • Pre-qualifies and develops the preferred/ approved vendor list of SCC for different key materials and services across different entities, in consultation with the respective operations functions.
  • Collect and share supplier qualification and performance information from/ with respective entities across SCC for future preference and consideration.
  • Set procurement sourcing strategies for various types of supplies/ materials involving major high volume materials and items.
  • Monitor and control company procurement cycle from identifying requirements through to receiving materials.

Key requirements:  

  • Bachelor’s Degree in a relevant field (Engineering, Business Administration, Supply Chain Management).
  • 10+ years of experience in the field of procurement, supply chain and logistics within a similar industry.
  • Proficiency in the English language is required.
  • Proven leadership and consensus building skills.
  • Proven negotiation and mediation skills.
  • Proven skills in creating strong and collaborative relationships with suppliers.
  • Demonstrate strategic ability, business acumen and change leadership capability.

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