H1 Salary Guide UAE Sales and Marketing

There have been no notable changes in salary expectations in the Sales and Marketing industry for 2017 as the industry appears to have stabilised. This has improved from the volatile market experienced in 2015 and 2016. This reflects positively on the market as the remuneration figures are still far superior to those compared to the rest of the globe. Furthermore, companies are focusing their efforts towards a more strategic approach when it comes to new hires causing companies to conduct more thorough interviews with candidates. As a result, fewer new marketing jobs have been created and the industry has moved towards replacing candidates who have left or been promoted. However, it is expected that the market will strengthen in September 2017. Additionally, the recent dispute between Qatar and the rest of the Middle East has created a sense of instability within the FMCG sector and the exact impact of this incidence has yet to be estimated. It is probable that the dispute will negatively impact the net profit for the sector and may lead to a loss of sales and marketing jobs for those who conduct business in Qatar.


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