H1 Salary Guide UAE Legal 2017

There have been no significant changes in terms of salary figures in the legal sector as it can be said that salaries have reached their peak for 2017. In consequence, legal firms have opted to adjust the compilation of salary packages and increase the additional benefits offered to candidates. As a result, there has been an increase in law firms seeking international candidates as they commonly have lower salary expectations.

In turn, the hiring trends for 2017 have remained somewhat constant. The only area which has experienced an increase in the volume of legal jobs is in Cyber Law. The increase is correlated to the increasing occurrence of cyber-attacks in the global sphere.

Continuing from January’s prediction the greatest demand for candidates still resides within dispute resolution and corporate law. Additionally, it was estimated that come quarter 3 there would be a significant increase in the movement of in-house lawyers but this actually began in the middle of quarter 2. As a result, it is expected that the number of legal jobs in the UAE will continue to increase until the end of 2017. 


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