Senior digital executive for multinational brand

Cooper Fitch was engaged in an executive search assessment by a multinational leading brand on two hires. The Digital team made a commitment to shortlist five top candidates for each with a guaranteed hire. This hire consisted of, mapping the market, screening, face to face interviews, psychometric testing and assessment based around a business proposal on how each candidate will successfully build and add value to the team.

Our Solution: 

One role was a new hire and the other was a replacement role. 

Replacement Role:

This search methodology was meeting with the current head in the role and meeting with the board of directors, taking a complete brief of their requirements and gaining an understanding of both the individual and the expectations moving forward. We took the time to understand how the current head motivated their team and what worked well for them, and what they would like to see in the replacement.

New Hire: 

This search methodology involved meeting with the MENA Region Head to gain an understanding of their precise requirements and their future plans for the team. We conducted a thorough search to find an individual who had the experience of building a talented team from the ground up. We were successful in finding the right candidate with an impressive career track record.

Our selection process involved the following: 

  • Identifying the skills for the

  • Setingt KPIs

  • Ensuring the new hire will be a culture fit 

  • Ensuring the recruitment aligns with the allocated budget 

  • Determining the outsourced companies to be used with their PR and Marketing requirements 

  • Assessing ROI on the recruitment activity 


Cooper Fitch was able to meet and successfully place both heads. So far we have assisted in recruiting 6 people for their team within just the first year. 


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