Technology Salary Guide UAE 2017


As the popularity of cloud technology continues to thrive, more organisations are gravitating towards adopting this concept in order to achieve the objective of cost effectiveness. As a result, we have seen a rise in the demand for professionals with technical and commercial experience in cloud technology and sales professionals with strong experience in this area are also becoming more attractive.

Software is a strong market this year with the introduction of VAT in the UAE, as companies are now faced with the complexity of computing the effects of tax on their transactions. Hence, there has been an increase in demand for professionals who have experience in implementing VAT into ERP (the software that helps automate financial transactions on the computing system) and it is expected that this demand will continue to grow.

Security remains a very competitive market with ever changing technologies being developed to mitigate security risks. Many trends emerged in 2016 that are very likely to remain key issues for organisations of all shapes and sizes in 2017.

For example, the continued and growing risk of ransomware, as a primary attack vector for hackers aiming to cash in on their nefarious activities. Secondly, nation-states were once again identified by multiple organisations as being the source of serious cyber threats, and there is no indication that this will change in the year ahead.

Among the emerging trends that could become more prominent in the new year is the widespread use of containers and microservices to improve security control.

Due to the continual growth of Cyber Security we expect to see more demand in both commercial and technical roles such as : Sales Director, Pre-Sales, Consultants, Managers, SOC & IR specialists and GRC Specialists.

With the demand increasing we forecast the average salary in Cyber Security to increase
around 2-4% on last year.


There remains a very strong talent pool of professionals in the Middle East, however, as we see developments in technology and taxation laws there is a real demand to relocate professionals with a niche areas of expertise to the region.


Our insights show that inflated salary structures are under review across the board. Technology professionals, especially in commercial sales roles, are coming under the microscope with salaries being brought further in line with overall company performance. Salaries are predicted to rise in more technical roles as the demand for certain skill sets becomes even more difficult to source within the Middle East.


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