Assessment Centre Case Study: World Leading Pharmaceutical Client

One of the world’s leading pharmaceutical clients approached Jack Khabbaz, Head of HR Advisory Services at Cooper Fitch to support their succession planning and global mobility strategy.  

One of the strong qualities of our client is their willingness to look internally to mobilise talent who have the key competencies and motivation before looking externally to recruit. Our client in this instance were looking to hire two Senior Sales & Marketing Managers internally to be based in Dubai from within their Middle East offices. The challenge they faced was effectively and consistently filtering a large pool of sales and field force applicants to put through their internal interviewing process.  They wanted to shortlist candidates based on key competencies covering such as analytical interpretation, strategic thinking, decision making, creativity, trustworthiness, inter-personal skills and passion.

Our solution
Cooper Fitch proposed a combination of online personality tests, aptitude tests assessments and a face-face bespoke marketing case study presentation to assess the 15 internally selected candidates across:

  • Aptitude Tests 
  • Decision making
  • Data and analytical interpretation skills
  • Business reasoning skills
  • Case study simulator
  • Marketing aptitude and decision-making
  • Personality Test
  • Inter-personal skills
  • Teamwork
  • Ethics & integrity
  • Stress Management
  • Self-starter 
  • Passion for work
  • Accountability & Responsibility

Tailored Case Study Presentation
Focusing on creativity, presentation skills, data interpretation, decision making, strategic thinking and communication skills

Cooper Fitch provided a comprehensive report inclusive of a summary and the recommendations of the top 5 candidates to be shortlisted to the next stage. Jack Khabbaz also provided the candidate rankings, competency scoring as well as recommendations for all candidates on areas of improvement aligned with their career development plans.

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