Compensation & Benefits Report - Tier 1 Master Developer

Through our recruitment program with an existing client of ours who were a Tier 1 master developer in the UAE we uncovered some challenges surrounding their remuneration structure. With careful consideration and discussions, the client decided to engage with us to complete a Compensation & Benefit Analysis report. The key objective was to provide a properly formulated remuneration strategy to ensure plans were internally equitable and externally competitive. This was a bespoke report on our client’s specific competitor’s in the market which allowed us to provide the necessary market data to help build competitive structures for their organisation.

To start the process, it was critical that our client and specialist remuneration consultants agreed on the roles, years of experience, education, projects and skills set of the various roles that needed to be benchmarked. The next step was to agree on their 10 main competitor’s within the UAE market. We identified and approached via various internal business tools, ten unnamed respondents from each pre-agreed company with whom we had a rapport or built a rapport well enough to gain key sensitive information. We progressed by reporting the full breakdown on the following to our client: Basic Salary, Housing, Transport allowance, cash allowance, air tickets (frequency and class of fare), schooling, UAE gratuity, performance bonus structure (both long and short term) and a detailed analysis on each data point.

Through the course of the research we worked within the parameters of the brief and used the target client list to identify the market average across all job titles. On completion of the report, we met with our client to consult on the trends that we identified in the market and feedback from individual candidates we assessed.

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