Multinational Bank Recruitment Project

A major global financial services provider engaged in personal banking, credit cards, corporate & investment banking, wealth and investment management.

We were instructed to complete a full market map of six specific banks. The market map was to identify 180 UAE Nationals from graduate to VP level across the following functions:

•  Corporate Banking
•  Risk 
•  Compliance 
•  Wealth Management
•  Operations 
•  HR & Administration
•  Treasury
•  Legal
•  Supply Chain & Procurement

We provided information on specific functions. We conducted a further market mapping exercise to determine which divisions carry higher numbers of UAE nationals. We provided the bank with a full market map of 180 UAE nationals for these specific banks, including job titles and grades and salaries. 

Challenges faced by our Client:

Cooper Fitch has supported the bank recruitment process both locally and globally. We work to hire into the key positions and functions across the bank.

The bank required UAE nationals for many of the corporate and technical functions within the bank and needed specialist information to identify which UAE nations were already experienced in the various functions. 

Their resources to provide this accurate information were limited and needed specialist market map information to complete the hiring process.

Our Solution:

Cooper Fitch have been appointed as the bank’s exclusive recruitment partner on a retained basis to recruit a number of positions across numerous technical and corporate functions.

In order to hire the specialist talent, a market map was required to identify the candidates. Cooper Fitch used all available sourcing channels, including a team of dedicated researchers for market mapping and head hunting.

Telephone interviews were conducted for all candidates to verify key information while the production of written reports and statistics were sent weekly to our client.

We provided a full-service which includes in-depth interview screening, competency based interviews customised to suit the bank’s technical and cultural requirements, quality assurance and contract issue with negotiation services.

Roles Successfully Delivered:

To date we have successfully delivered on 21 vacancies including, Head of Credit, Head of Cash Management, Security, IT, Risk, Market Risk and positions in Wealth Management. 

This project is currently ongoing with open days planned over the coming weeks.

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