Recruitment Project For Global Pharmaceutical Organisation

Challenges faced by our Client

The HR Director for Our client’s regional HQ based in Dubai felt that the company had inadequate resources in place to successfully recruit a number of sales & marketing positions in core markets such as Lebanon, Egypt and KSA. The Client also had concerns over the diversity of nationalities employed by the company across the GCC and their ability to benchmark candidates between the GCC, Levant and North African regions.

Our Solution:

Cooper Fitch was appointed as our client’s exclusive recruitment partner for a six month period to recruit sales professionals from entry-level and up to five years’ relevant experience. We assigned two dedicated recruiters to the project (one senior consultant and one researcher) and set up a dedicated email address for all applications. 

Our consultants conducted a thorough market mapping exercise to ensure that all candidate sources were fully utilised, including job boards, our dedicated social media group on LinkedIn, through advertising on our website and in some cases, headhunting individuals from direct competitors.

We created a standardised interview process to suit Our client’s regional requirements and to provide them with the foundations of a benchmarking process for all their regional recruitment. Our consultants held a weekly conference call / meeting with our client to discuss progress, challenges and to arrange interviews.

Roles successfully delivered:

Cooper Fitch placed approximately 28 candidates in a six-month period including:- Medical Science Liaison, Account Manager, Medical Representative, Product Specialist, Product Manager, Brand Manager, Regulatory Affairs, Medical Manager, Planning Supervisor/Manager, Country Finance Manager, Financial Analyst.

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