Client Engagement For Multinational FMCG

Challenges faced by our Client

The GM for a leading multinational FMCG organisation based in Dubai felt that the company had inadequate resources in place to successfully recruit a number of sales & marketing positions in core markets such as the UAE and KSA. The Client also had concerns over the diversity of nationalities employed by the company across the MENA region and felt that they were not receiving relevant candidates/ candidates of a high enough quality for the roles from any of the 4 agencies they were partnered with.

Our Solution:

Cooper Fitch was requested to demonstrate their ability with a Senior Sales position and sought our advice how to successfully engage with recruitment partners to ensure the right results. We met with the GM, HR Director and line manager to discuss the recruitment process and requirements in detail.

Our Sales & Marketing consultant conducted a thorough market mapping exercise to ensure that all candidate sources were fully utilised, including job boards, our dedicated social media group on LinkedIn, through advertising on our website and in some cases, headhunting individuals from direct competitors.

With successful delivery in 5 business days and an offer being made and accepted to one of our 5 candidates within 14 business days, we had proven our ability and our name had reached the CEO. We were specifically requested by the CEO to head hunt a sales professional from a direct competitor and we were able to deliver and have an offer accepted within 7 business days. Cooper Fitch were then requested to engage with the client for a further 15 roles.

Roles successfully delivered:

Cooper Fitch have so far placed approximately 7 candidates in a six-month period including:- Business Development Manager, Senior Sales Manager, Marketing Manager, Telesales Manager, Sales Manager & Head of Finance

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