Training & Education Specialist in Dubai

Our Client is a multinational medical devices organisation operating in more than 140 countries and employs over 85,000 professionals with more than 53,000 patents, was seeking for the Training &Education Specialist to look after the MEACAT region. With minimum 3 years of extensive healthcare experience this professional will be overlooking the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia & Turkey region in terms of the training needs across Diabetes, Cardiovascular, Minimal Invasive and Restorative Therapies business units. The main challenge was to identify the right candidate within such a niche market.

Our Solution:

We were targeting top 5 competitors to directly head hunt the candidates with the required experience, highlighting their accomplishments within the function to ensure they are experts within the field and technical aspects of the role.


We successfully filled this position with the best fit candidate coming from the major competitor in the region.

Success rate: 100%

Current relationship status: Currently working on Training & Education Manager role

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