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August 15, 2017

7 Tips to Get a Recruiter’s Attention

Are you tired of sleepless nights wondering why you still haven't received that call from a recruiter? This blog is for you! 

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Cooper Fitch Dubai
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Cooper Fitch Dubai
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You’re on the job hunt. You’re desperate and stressed. You have forwarded your profile to every recruitment company specific to your industry and you have signed up to all the relevant job alerts that are in existence. Your sleeping with your phone under your pillow, and on the highest ring volume possible...

And yet, no response... Your sitting there and all you can think “WHY AREN’T YOU CALLING ME?” Many reasons for not making the cut are unfortunately out of your control but at the same time, so many are...

7 tips to ensure that you get relevant calls from recruiters:

1. Be honest with yourself:

Ask yourself "I am qualified for the role?". If you are a qualified Project Director and have managed delivery teams with no commercial responsibility, then you will seriously want to reconsider applying for that Managing Director role. It doesn’t matter how many multi-million dollar projects you have delivered or how strong your management skills are if you have zero commercial responsibility, you won't be considered. What job seekers often don’t accept is how many of the listed essential requirements they must actually meet in order to apply for a job. If you are meeting less than 70/80%, it may be wise to reconsider applying.

2. Have a well-written CV

Spell – check is readily accessible by all, typos are unacceptable. Make sure a few people read over your profile with fresh eyes before you submit it.

3. Create a LinkedIn profile

Ensure that you have a Linkedin profile and that it’s consistent with your CV. Inconsistency will instantly give the recruiter the wrong impression.

4. Only list fluent languages

If you are going to list second languages on your CV, list only those that you are fluent in. A client is not going to ask for a candidate that speaks basic Arabic.

5. Update your CV on job sites

Keep CV’s posted to job sites up to date. Always list whether you would consider temporary/permanent, notice period, salary expectations, and locations you would genuinely consider.

6. Maintain realistic salary expectations

Make sure your salary expectations are realistic. If a clients maximum is AED 55,000, you will not be called unless your expectation’s match. Be realistic about your bottom line! However, if you go too low, you risk looking under qualified. If in doubt our “Cooper Fitch Salary Guide” is a great point of reference.

7. Network 

Network, Network, Network. It’s often out of your control that a hiring manager already shortlisted their favourite candidates before you submitted your CV, but it’s helpful to network continuously so that you have a greater chance of being informed about roles in the early stages, often before they are posted. So stay by the phone!

Following our 7 tips will increase your chances of getting a recruiter’s attention. If you are still in doubt and would like some assistance in your search for securing an interview please do not hesitate to “contact us”.


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