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July 4, 2017

11 Proven Methods for Accelerating Employee Productivity

As an employer, it is essential to understand what motivational factors speak to your employees in order to attain the productivity levels you desire. As a result, you need to understand who your employees are and what they desire most. 

Employee motivation
Cooper Fitch Dubai
Cooper Fitch Dubai
Cooper Fitch Dubai
Cooper Fitch Dubai

Millennials are now the largest generation in the workforce and are challenging the status quo regarding salary compensation. Their desire for work-life balance has increased exponentially and can be explained by three simple factors. These include the fact that many employees are performing multiple roles at a time in order to compensate for workers who have been laid off during recessionary times. Secondly, the need for dual income couples or families has increased dramatically due to rising cost of living and lastly, mobile technology has supplemented the inability of Millennials to leave their work at the office.The combination of these three factors has manifested into one prominent challenge for Millennial's which is, finding "me time".

Given the above information, the most effective way to motivate Millenial's is by providing them with more affordable and flexible benefits which aid them in achieving greater work-life balance.Below are some ideas of low-cost benefits which won't break the bank and will help your employees achieve a healthier, happier and more productive year.

  • Onsite exercise centres or discounted gym memberships - Encourage employees to exercise as a means to release stress and take a rejuvenating break.
  • Company Catering - Prevent employees from having to spend their time at home prepping meals or travelling a long distance to buy food.
  • Allow a more relaxed dress code - Employees who aren't in a client facing roles. This will allow  employees feel more comfortable at work and enhance their relaxation levels
  • Create the option to work remotely or telecommute - Mobile technology has afforded employees the opportunity to work remotely which can majorly benefit those who have additional responsibilities outside of the office.     
  • Implement flexible shift times but maintain the same number of hours - Employees will be more productive when having the option to working at times which fit into their desired lifestyle.
  • Recreation zones -  Provide a safe place for employees to calm their nerves and clear their head.  
  • Providing referral bonuses- Incentivising employees to refer top class candidates to your company will assist you in finding top class talent and provide employees with a sense of achievement.
  • Utilise top class technology and provide necessary training - Technology is continuously trying to make people's lives easier and faster so utilise it where possible. Remember to be sure your employees are well educated on how to use the technology in order to avoid greater stress and frustration levels in the beginning.  
  • Provide performance incentives -  These can include reduced working hours or an extra day of vacation when certain performance targets are met. 
  • Provide continuous training and development in order to enhance employee engagement - Employee motivation and retention increases when they experience growth and feel as though they would not learn certain skills from another employer.
  • Company celebrations and events - This will assist in increasing employee morale and creating bonding experiences among team members.

Remember, the greatest benefit you can offer your employees is work-life balance and implementing just a few of these ideas will help you to do just that. Rest assured you can expect to have happier and more productive employees in no time!


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