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May 17, 2017

5 Ways to Start Loving Your Job

Lets be honest a job is a job and we're all forced to tackle certain tedious tasks on a daily basis, it's inevitable...

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Cooper Fitch Dubai
Cooper Fitch Dubai
Cooper Fitch Dubai
Cooper Fitch Dubai

Ultimately we're all faced with the challenge of finding a way to arrive and leave work with a genuine smile on our faces. Some people seem to be getting this right and this is what they are doing.

1. Making the office more fun 

Kenexa, a human resource software company lives by the opinion 'Employees just want to have fun'. It has been said that not only does fun result in smiles and laughter but also increases workplace happiness and productivity. Just imagine being happier, being more productive and it all resulting in that promotion you've been longing for...sounds mind-boggling! At Cooper Fitch we keep the radio playing, have a games area and even a pool table, all of which had made our office a happier place.

2. Socializing

Your colleagues are people too and have a life just like you. Take a coffee break and get to know each other. Social media doesn't tell you everything about a person so get talking. If you're willing to take it one step further, suggest a get together outside of the office and that might just be your first step to forming a beautiful friendship.

3. Expressing themselves 

Being in a corporate environment can often make us feel dull and force our true selves to be hidden behind the generic black and white attire we are all so accustomed to. This does not have to be the case; decorate your walls and your desk with the quirky things that bring a smile to your face and suggest a casual day every few weeks. This may encourage people to let down their guards and make the office environment that much less intimidating.  

4. No designated seating

We can be thankful for technology for this one. Most of us work from laptops and cellphones nowadays so why be chained to the same desk every day. Switching desks can help to reduce the monotony of office life and can give you a brand new perspective on both people and the office.

5. Bring your pup to work day

We all know that everyone who has a dog is usually eager to get home and be greeted by their beloved so why make them wait all day to see them.  You can tell your boss that it has been shown that dogs can help lower stress levels and improve morale in the workplace. However, be a humanitarian and make sure your pup is people friendly and potty trained before bringing them into the office.

Well there you have it, now there are no more excuses to fake a sick day. 


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