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May 11, 2017

Top 5 Tips to Successful Job Searching for Sales & Marketing Professionals

Now that Dubai has become a hot spot for job searchers from all over the world it is very easy to be disappointed and become disheartened when your job search appears longer than anticipated. It is essential to understand that Dubai has a lot of top talent and it is a very competitive market. On a positive note, remember that Dubai has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world and finding a job is possible and potentially your dream job by applying these 5 simple tips. 

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Cooper Fitch Dubai
Cooper Fitch Dubai
Cooper Fitch Dubai
Cooper Fitch Dubai

1. Update  your resume:

Make sure your resume is up to date, keep it short and to the point! It is important to outline your responsibilities in current and previous roles, as well as highlighting any relevant achievements...Especially for those of you in Sales roles! Successful growth and targets achieved are not only a way to catch a potential employer's eye but also an indicator of how good you are at your job!

Remember your resume is a way to sell yourself and is ultimately what will get you a face to face interview and ultimately your dream job. What you have failed to demonstrate in your resume will not be considered by a prospective employer; remember they have not met you yet!

2. Remain relevant:

You should only apply for the roles that your skills realistically match, regardless of whether you feel you can do the job or not! Applying for multiple roles with the same company is likely to hinder your job search, especially when they all require different skills. It is important to understand that employers are looking for the best candidates available in the market to fill their vacancies.  Ask yourself honestly whether you meet their exact requirements before applying.

3. Identify your objectives, strengths and weaknesses:

As the Dubai job market is very competitive, it is imperative to identify your objectives and know your strength and weaknesses. You need to be able to answer how you can benefit your new employer as well as clearly outlining your aspirations and motivations.

4. Do your research:

You should be able to inform your potential new employer about your past and current work experience as well as your knowledge. Always do your research! Check out the company website, LinkedIn profiles, industry news and so forth and also ensure you are sufficiently informed to impress a prospective employer.

5. Use Recruitment Agents 

Approach relevant consultants directly. Ensure you check their profiles and they are the right person to contact. Suggest a face to face meeting and treat it like an interview! Recruitment consultants have to sell you to their clients, so ensure you sell yourself to them and leave a lasting impression. Be patient. Most recruitment consultants will receive hundreds of applications a day...if you are right for the position you have applied for they will call you!

Now go and get your dream job! 


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