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April 25, 2017

The Intricacies of the Technology Ecosystem

When you think of technology companies, some names which may spring to mind include companies such as Microsoft, SAP, and Oracle which were the names I thought of before beginning my career in Technology recruitment. The question "Why are these names so successful?", occupied my mind. Well, these are all multinational vendors and have been players in the technology market for years now. This blog provides readers with an overview of the “technology ecosystem” and how the various players interact with each other. 

Technology Ecosystem
Cooper Fitch Dubai
Cooper Fitch Dubai
Cooper Fitch Dubai
Cooper Fitch Dubai

To some of you reading this it may come as a surprise to you but there are hundreds of other technology companies who all play a key role in how technology is circulated globally and plays an integral role in the how technology enhances and supports organisations worldwide. 

The ecosystem is vast and consists of different organisations focusing on hardware, software, and services or a combination of the three. Broadly, we can classify or segregate them into the following: vendors, distributors, resellers and system integrators (S.I). 

Vendors or suppliers manufacture their solutions (hardware or software) and sell their solution and services themselves directly to the end user or through the channels in the ecosystem. Some examples of vendors in the UAE are IBM, Citrix and SAP. 

Distributors act as an intermediary between vendors and system integrators or resellers and help in the distribution of solutions. Distributors help vendors reach a far larger market by using their own very established channels to distribute their products locally. As such distributors help educate the resellers and SI’s about the products and services of the vendor. Some examples of distributors in the UAE are Mindware, Logicom and Redington to name a few. 

Resellers follow the same function as distributors by buying solutions in bulk to sell to consumers but they may provide additional software or hardware solutions from other Vendors that complement each other thus providing additional value. Some examples of resellers in the UAE are Abacus Solutions and Jumbo Electronics to name a few. 

System integrators help businesses integrate complex hardware and software solutions to meet the business's needs. For example, the may advise clients or implement new vendor solutions or upgrade these solutions to a business's existing IT structure. Some examples of system integrators in the UAE include MDS, GBM and Intertec just to name a few. 

As you can see, these players have their own separate functions, niche areas and interact with each other to form the technology ecosystem. As mentioned earlier, when I embarked on a career in technology recruitment I never knew how deep and vast the ecosystem was. When I thought of Huawei, I only knew them as a mobile phone provider. After doing further research, I discovered there are so many other IT solutions they provide such as cloud solutions. It’s very exciting to find out there are so many players, each specialising in their own niche spaces and all helping to grow the Middle East into one of the strongest business hubs in the world.

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