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April 10, 2017

4 Ways To Motivate Your Employees

It is no longer a secret that employee motivation at work drives organisational performance which, in turn, helps organisations prosper in the current business environment. Motivating your workforce is a crucial link to the achievement of the overall business strategy. In this blog, Cooper Fitch identifies some of the main aspects when it comes to employee motivation.

5 Ways To Motivate Your Employees
Cooper Fitch Dubai
Cooper Fitch Dubai
Cooper Fitch Dubai
Cooper Fitch Dubai

1. Empowerment

The empowered workforce has proven to be leading towards improved creativity, employee engagement and loyalty at the workplace as well as improved decision-making process and overall job satisfaction. Moreover, some studies have shown a strong correlation between empowerment and financial performance of the firm. Therefore providing employees with an opportunity to take initiatives and have a decision-making power is an absolutely crucial element when it comes to motivation. 

2. Career Planning 

Having a roadmap of potential development within the organisation could generate more trust between employees and management as well as provide a clear sense of direction and required actions in order to achieve further milestones. Current best practices show that it is important to involve employees in the career planning and development activities, which again emphasises the importance of the empowerment. 

3. Training and Development 

It is not by chance that training and development are discussed after career planning. Organisations nowadays need to not only establish the direction for employees but help them achieve their objectives and at the same time help the business grow and prosper. It is very important to provide training and development at every stage of the employment cycle and link the initiatives to individual and corporate objectives. Rewards Recognition and rewards is an inevitable part of the motivation. It is substantially important in incentivising the workforce. Nowadays there is a growing focus of using the combination of extrinsic and intrinsic rewards. Extrinsic rewards are usually related to financial benefits and used to play an important role back in the day. No doubt it is important at the moment, however, it tends to be the case when intrinsic rewards keep the daily motivation after the financial aspects are settled. Some research identifies intrinsic rewards as aspects contributing to employees' sense of meaningfulness, choice, competence and progress. 

4. Corporate Culture 

Corporate culture is closely interlinked with intrinsic rewards, it is a must to work on building the culture which will engage and motivate the workforce. One of the foundations, in this case, will be to align the employees around one vision and therefore provide a meaningful purpose. Moreover, it is worth to remember that communication within the firm is one of the key aspects of creating the desired culture. In the same time, incorporating intrinsic rewards into business practices is also crucially important.

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