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February 27, 2017

Recruiter vs. Lawyer...

As a part of Cooper Fitch's continuous efforts to connect with professionals in all industries across MENA region, we are constantly looking out for unique patterns that may exist in the market which helps us identify potential opportunities and deliver the best service possible to our customers. One very interesting subject that recently came to our attention was the remarkable similarity between working as a recruiter and as a lawyer.

Recruiter vs. Lawyer...
Cooper Fitch Dubai
Cooper Fitch Dubai
Cooper Fitch Dubai
Cooper Fitch Dubai

It's a strange thing to say that your lawyer and your recruiter can work interchangeably,  everybody knows that law and recruitment are two very different industries, right? But we have found five major similarities between the two that make us question whether they really are all that different...

In the world of recruitment, you always need to look closer, observing the world around you, not just your specialist market but the smallest of details on profiling, for an example which can make the difference between a win and a loss. That said if you pay close attention to your recruiter and your lawyer, watch them do their magic you would be astounded by the fact that their direct impact on the business is actually quite similar. So here are 5 things your recruiter and your lawyer have in common:

1. They know the rules and they know the people

One of the most important things a good lawyer is distinguished by is their knowledge of the law and their ability to find those tiny details about it that win the case for them. Similarly, a great recruiter will always have what it takes to find that ONE person who is just right for the job through their deep understanding of the recruitment methodology along with a strong grasp of how the client company works on the inside enabling them to undoubtedly make that perfect match.

2. Their work has great influence on a company’s future

Just like a good lawyer winning a case for their client would ensure they stay in competition and even dominate the market after blowing their rivals out of the water, a good recruiter has the power to find the right talent at the right time that could mean bringing upon a complete turnaround from a certain loss to unrivaled success.

3. They live by a code, and the code is simple: “Work to the last breath to achieve a win-win”

John F. Kennedy once said, “Let us never negotiate out of fear but let us never fear to negotiate”. Us recruiters, we live by this quote because we know there is always room for negotiation to bring both parties to that middle point where everybody is satisfied with what they got and the long-lasting relationship is bound to be established and continue for years to follow. Similarly, when you look closer, a good lawyer will always keep fighting to achieve a win for their client, which would save the company’s reputation and keep it in the race and that usually means their lawyer gets a decent cut from the deal after all.

4. You never feel like you’re on your own when they’re on your side

Have you had this feeling right before your interview when you would feel completely lost not knowing what you are going to say or do during your interview? Well, my job as a recruiter is to support you all the way from the day your profile is presented to the client up until the day that Offer Letter is released and you’re asked to sign it. Throughout that process, I would ensure you’re 100% prepared for your interview, you know exactly what to do to be at the top of your game and most importantly that you’d be earning a fair value for your work.

5. They’re always the first people you call when you realize you’re in big trouble!!

What happens when one morning you’re enjoying your delightful morning cup of coffee and your Chief Operating Officer walks into your office and hands you their resignation? Does it feel like the end of the world? Well rest assured it’s not, but you need to think on your feet and act fast to find a way to replace that guy asap!! Something tells me you already know the right thing to do; call your recruiter!

Now the question is do you need a lawyer ONLY when you are in trouble? I didn’t think so. It is highly advisable to always have a good lawyer by your side for several reasons; one of which is the fact that a good lawyer is an expert when it comes to the law and can practically solve any legal problem you might have as well as give you insights about how to find your way around sticky legal situations that may arise. Similarly, having a good recruiter by your side will ensure you’re constantly getting recruitment related market insights as well as expert advice on how to keep your profile attractive in today’s competitive job market. As for your business, your recruiter will ensure you’re always updated regarding hiring trends in the market and even help you stay on top of compensation & benefits in the market so you can make sure you retain your employees by offering competitive C&B packages. Not to mention the fact that when things start going downhill and you have to make a few phone calls to save yourself and your business, you now know exactly who should be the first on that call list!

If you would like to know more about how the job market is doing nowadays or if you are a business executive who is looking for a great recruiter to help you out of a sticky situation, don’t think twice before contacting me or go ahead and visit our website for more information on the rest of the team.


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