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December 17, 2018

KSA Salary Guide 2019 - Investment Management

“The Kingdom constantly seeks to make strategic investments internationally and hence has entered a number of strategic partnerships across the globe.”

KSA Salary Guide 2019 - Investment Management
Cooper Fitch Dubai
Cooper Fitch Dubai
Cooper Fitch Dubai
Cooper Fitch Dubai

Vision 2030 creates significant opportunities in the investment management space.

Vision 2030 aims to bring economic development and widen the spectrum of industries the Kingdom actively engaged in as well as to foster local innovation and entrepreneurship. The diversification program has seen a rise in activity across a broad range of industries including information technology, real estate, transportation, defence, industrial, energy, agriculture, healthcare, education, e-commerce and others. There are also some so-called “giga-projects” in the entertainment, special economic zones and tourism along with a continuous focus on the “new economy” sectors such as Digital, IoT, Robotics and so on.

Unique opportunities in the region.

The factors mentioned above create unprecedented opportunities for both local and expatriate talent and the current economic landscape in the region presents unique opportunities even when benchmarked globally. Moreover, the Kingdom constantly seeks to make lucrative investments internationally and hence has entered some strategic partnerships across the globe. This is also evident in the private sector as local groups, family offices and investment companies increasingly invest abroad across various asset classes.

Combining international subject matter expertise along with qualified Saudi talent.

Investment management entities are looking to combine international subject matter expertise and best practices along with Saudi talent. There is an increasing need for international subject matter experts on the board and advisor level for portfolio companies and newly created entities across various sectors especially the ones related to the Vision 2030. Moreover, the Vision includes a strong emphasis on an increased private sector involvement as well as investment and privatisation of a large number of Government business. Therefore, privatisation professionals have been in demand along with general investment professionals to focus on identifying new investment opportunities and asset management. There is also an increasing focus on recruiting governance, risk and compliance professionals along with internal auditors due to the increasing complexity and development of the regulatory framework.

Interpersonal skills are in the spotlight.

Organisations in the Kingdom put a greater emphasis on the candidates who can integrate with the local and business culture. More thorough assessments are being implemented to have a better grasp of the candidate's knowledge and personality both practically and theoretically as investment management professionals often have to be able to effectively communicate with investment committees and boards. Hence, interpersonal skills are in the spotlight when it comes to selection and talent management considerations.





Chief Investment Officer



Head of Asset Management



Head of Investor Relations



VP - Placements



Fund/Portfolio Manager



VP - Asset Class Specialist



Investment Senior Associate



Investment Associate



Investment Analyst



Monthly salaries in Saudi Riyals (SAR). Salaries provided are exclusive of any bonus, guaranteed or otherwise. 

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