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November 12, 2018

Level 5 Leadership

He started off by looking at 1,435 different companies and chose 11 great ones

Level 5 Leadership
Cooper Fitch Dubai
Cooper Fitch Dubai
Cooper Fitch Dubai
Cooper Fitch Dubai

Board members and leaders usually believe that turning your organisation into a great business requires an outstanding personality. However, leadership expert Jim Collins asserted that the essential ingredient to take a company to greatness is having a Level 5 leader or an executive that has humility with an intense professional will. This concept came about after a study that began in 1996 when Collins started heavily researching what makes a great company. He started off by looking at 1,435 different companies and chose 11 great ones. These 11 companies were headed by what Collins called “Level 5 Leaders.” These leaders were found to have humility, and they don't seek success for their own glory; rather, success is necessary so that the team and organization can thrive. They share credit for success, and they're the first to accept blame for mistakes. Collins also says that they're often shy, but fearless when it comes to making decisions, especially ones that most other people consider risky.

Level 1: Highly Capable Individual

At this level, you make high-quality contributions with your work. You also possess useful levels of knowledge along with the required skill set to do a good job.

Level 2: Contributing Team Member

At the second level, you use your knowledge and skills to support your team and help them succeed. You work effectively, productively and successfully with other people in your group to achieve the same goal. A contributing team member will work effectively with others in a group setting.

Level 3: Competent Manager

A competent leader has the ability to form groups and delegate to achieve specific goals and objectives. They also provide the required resources to assure the efficient pursuit of a pre-determined target.

Level 4: Effective Leader

Level 4 is the category under which most top leaders fall. Effective leaders are able to galvanize a department or organisation to meet performance objectives and achieve a vision. This leader has the ability to catalyse commitment to stimulate higher performance standards from their team.

Level 5: Great Leader or Level 5 Executive

At Level 5, you have all of the abilities needed for the other four levels, plus you have the unique blend of humility and will that is required for true greatness. A great leader is often found to be modest, willful, humble and fearless as they inspire others to follow a certain cause. Their ambitions are not for themselves but for their business. They are in pursuit of something much bigger and more enduring than themselves.

Leaders who cannot look beyond their personal role and achievements can hardly become Level 5 leaders. Only when they can put the larger good ahead of them, they can transcend to the next level. This leadership methodology is arising quickly and adopting these measures will help you achieve long-term success. Even though you do not have to pass sequentially through each individual level before you become a Level 5 Leader, you must have the skills and capabilities in each hierarchical level. Stay tuned and read our blogs to find out the steps that will help you become an accomplished level 5 leader.  



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