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October 10, 2018

10 Qualities of Highly Effective Google Managers

Always remember that most employees do not leave a company, they leave their manager.

Google Manager
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Google began “Project Oxygen” began a decade ago to identify the characteristics that make a great manager. Google set out to determine what makes a manager great But first, a research team tried to prove the opposite: that managers actually don’t matter, that the quality of a manager did not impact a team’s performance. This hypothesis was based on an early belief held by some of Google’s leaders and engineers that managers are, at best, a necessary evil, and at worst, a layer of bureaucracy. The findings of the research are now used by Google and other organisations to train employees. The project is still ongoing and Google keeps on updating their findings and criteria as the research develops. Always remember that most employees do not leave a company, they leave their manager.

1. Good Coach

No one wants to be managed but they are rather looking for a coach or someone who can push them beyond their boundaries. It is detrimental to “boss” your employees without providing any feedback, challenging them or guide them at the right time.

2. Does not micromanage

Google’s research has deduced that the best managers do not micromanage but rather gives their team enough freedom to develop, experiment and explore new ideas.

3. Express Interest in Employees' Success 

Psychological safety is one of the primary factors any employee is looking in their workplace. Great managers, as Google puts it, “In a team with high psychological safety, teammates feel safe to take risks around their team members. They feel confident that no one on the team will embarrass or punish anyone else for admitting a mistake, asking a question, or offering a new idea.”

4. Results Oriented 

Your team members are looking for a role model before looking for someone to manage them. Your productivity and result-oriented nature will push them to give it their best. Great managers understand how to use their emotional intelligence to motivate their team. Similarly, they do not focus on the number of working hours or physical presence but rather on the results yielded.

5. Good Communicator 

Managing is all about communicating. A good leader should have the ability to listen, talk and interact efficiently with all their team members. Communication is never top-down or unidirectional. Invest some of your time in listening.

6. Helps with Career Development 

As a manager, you should not only focus on what the team can do for you but also pay attention to what you can do for them. Align their personal aspirations with the goals and vision of your organisation and help them develop personally and financially.

7. A Clear Vision for the Team 

A team with no vision is doomed to fail. If a manager does not have a clear strategy for his/her team, the overall performance of the organisation will be detrimentally affected. As a leader, you should lay the foundation and direction for the team.

8. Key Technical Skills 

Every employee needs to have a set of technical skills let alone, a manager. With an exponential rate of advancement in 2018, you should always stay up to date to stay relevant. From courses to training, your advancing knowledge will help you lead your team better.

9. Collaborates Across the Organisation 

Regardless of your business size, efficient leaders can seamlessly collaborate across different desks in the organisation. This is essential especially for the success and development of business in an organisation.

10. Strong Decision Maker 

Anyone can take hours to test a theory or work on a strategy but only a strong leader has the ability to make critical decisions.

Even though having the required technical skills is key for managers, other important criteria that can differentiate between a mere “boss” and a great leader must be considered.


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