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October 4, 2018

The Keys to Peacemaking

One way to guaranteeing a harmonious workplace is making sure you resolve the conflicts in the right way.

Cooper Fitch Dubai
Cooper Fitch Dubai
Cooper Fitch Dubai
Cooper Fitch Dubai

Whether your business encompasses 20 employees or you are leading a multinational organisation, conflicts will always surface due to many different reasons. We are currently living in a very fast-paced environment with a new advancement every other day. The last thing you want to do is invest all your time in trying to solve trivial issues among your team of employees or ignore them completely. While conflicts do have their advantages, which will be discussed in an article in the future, handling them correctly is what can yield these benefits.

Lead by example

While you are not able to control how your team reacts to conflicts and problems, you should be able to handle and control how you react to problems. According to Psychology, Vicarious Reinforcement involves learning through observation of the consequences of actions for other people. Human beings are always in search for a role model or a technique that they can successfully follow and apply themselves. Be observant and always talk with respect and your employees will soon follow. Never humiliate or personalise problems and be quick to apologise when wrong. Chances are you will be the trendsetter in your organisation and soon your healthy attitude to problems will be mimicked by your team.

Be goal-oriented

Phrases like “I would really like to find out about more collaborate ways from you for our teams to flag issues early in the process,” or “I want to take a look at our process so we can catch this next time,” or the more empathetic “I want to know what I can do better next time are all great ways to start a conversation when there is a rising conflict. What is even more important is having a goal-oriented communication strategy. Remember that it is never personal and never look for someone to blame but rather look for a cause. Understanding why a problem or a conflict arises in the first place, will not only help you understand your team members more as a leader but will help you avoid future conflicts.

Choose the right time

The worst thing you can do that might even worsen any conflict is choosing the wrong time and approach to resolving a conflict. Never meet with someone while emotions are running high because the communication then will not be efficient. Put yourself in their shoes in order to grasp when is the right moment to start digging under the surface. This will ensure that when it comes to seeking a resolution, it is not tarnished by built-up resentment on both sides.

One way to guaranteeing a harmonious workplace is making sure you resolve the conflicts in the right way. Always remember that conflict is very natural and never bury your head in the sand. Whether you faced conflict with one of your employees or you witness some tension between two people, gather momentum and try to be logical about your approach.


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