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October 3, 2018

Hottest Digital Jobs in Demand

People are looking for instant gratification and want the shortest path to reach their goal. Technologies are striving to make the first search from Google to the product as short as possible. 

Cooper Fitch Dubai
Cooper Fitch Dubai
Cooper Fitch Dubai
Cooper Fitch Dubai

The world is rapidly developing and everything around us is becoming more digital. While technology is trying to weave itself in various fields today, thousands of jobs are being created. Find out the hottest jobs in technology and their significance.

AR & VR Developers

In Retail (Brand Activation)

There are some specific businesses that look for the right talent that can create an Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) that can engage the customers of today. Retail businesses are now looking to market their products and increase their sales by using these technologies. Talents that specialise in integrating technologies in brand activations are required now more than ever. One of the most well-renowned furniture stores provide their customers with a VR headset in a room where they can go through entire back catalogues. The furniture store allows the customers to build their own house in real time using the technology and instantly purchase the products they are interested in. This smoothes out the process of the delivery and instalment as the team can set-up the purchased furniture as per the customer’s digital visualisation.

In Banking

In the banking space, the usage and implementation of AR and VR is on the rise. VR specifically is an expanding topic in the retail banking space. So you can imagine, you put on a headset and you can virtually walk into this bank that has different tellers and booths each labelled for different kinds of services. If you are looking forward to taking a loan, you will find a virtual person sitting down and that can actually have in-depth conversations in order to process your order or transaction. While the visual bank is embedded using Virtual Reality technology, the AI chatbot is responsible for handling the client needs. Integrating two technologies at the same time is only the beginning of more complex technological advancements in the retail and banking space.

Visual search & Voice Search Developers and Engineers

Great examples of preliminary voice search are Bixby for Samsung and Siri for iPhone. The voice search enables the user to speak out a voice command into the internet or a portable device instead of interacting physically by typing down what they are trying to search for. So the step beyond voice search is the visual search or visual search engine. It all started when Google introduced the feature that enables users to search for a certain topic or area by uploading an image. Now that it is being taken to the next level, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Accenture and Snapchat have been working lately on further developing the visual search feature and making it more fruitful for the user. For instance, if you saw someone wearing a pair of shoes that really match your taste, you can easily hover your smartphone on the shoes, and Snapchat will search through Amazon’s entire back catalogue of shoes and if they have the same shoe in stock, the price and availability will be displayed and you will then be able to either purchase it, favourite it or keep it in your cart. You basically see it, snap it, buy it which is the tagline of the project. While it is in the very early stages at the moment, it will not be long until we witness it coming to life. Speculations start rising on how text search will be obsolete but it is more likely that it will still exist and work in tandem with visual and voice search.

UI/ UX Developers (Experiential design + developers)

While User Experience (UX) is a conglomeration of tasks focused on optimization of a product for effective and enjoyable use; User Interface (UI) Design is its complement, the look and feel, the presentation and interactivity of a product. We cannot deny that the customer journey is rapidly changing. People are looking for instant gratification and want the shortest path to reach their goal. Technologies are striving to make the first search from Google to the product as short as possible. Integration modules are now needed more than ever and this is why UX and UI developers are in need. An integration module provides a mechanism for a process management product to invoke an external operational management product. Now that e-commerce is on the rise, creation of apps are essential and the developers help in creating all the necessary coding and visuals including embedded payment modules. Now that retail is moving from having a physical presence to a virtual one, a humongous amount of data shift is required. Modules that are bespoke and tailored to customer needs are being built into websites and smartphones to make customers get that quick fix when they are looking to purchase something.

While these jobs are in high demand due to the rapid movement in the commercial and digital field, a lot of buzz is going around robotics, automation, digital elements and machine learning and it is all grown at such a fast rate. Looking at the internet ten years ago, no one would have anticipated the world we are living in today. We are getting so close to bringing holograms to life and making them ubiquitous in our smartphones, laptops and smartwatches. From a digital marketing perspective, there will always be a human being with a face needed as creativity and the human element cannot be replaced in that digital sphere or that field of the industry. However, it is the technology that is being used that might advance.


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