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August 14, 2018

The Art of Thinking Independently Together

To leverage the advantages of having a diverse team, you must manage them wisely.

Managing Diverse Teams
Cooper Fitch Dubai
Cooper Fitch Dubai
Cooper Fitch Dubai
Cooper Fitch Dubai

Diversity comes in many shapes and forms. From gender to ethnicity, modern workplaces are broadening diversity within their teams as it comes with significant benefits. To find out more about the benefits of a culturally diverse workplace, you can read the blog to The Benefits of a Culturally Diverse Workplace. To leverage the advantages of having a diverse team, you must manage them wisely.

Foster Communication

Your diverse team can be made up of people from all over the world and this means having different cultures and languages spoken under one roof. Communication is a skill that needs to be fostered in a diverse work setting. Organisations need to ensure that they effectively communicate with the employees. This can range from the simplest policies and procedures written in a way to fit all cultures to implementing key communication roles amongst your employees. Due to cultural differences, certain mannerisms might not be appropriate or favoured in other cultures. As a manager, you need to understand the backgrounds of your employees and ensure that the workflow does not get disrupted because of cultural barriers. The best way to do so is act as a leader who encourages positive interaction and promotes team building activities that help build the communication skills of your team. You need to educate yourself and your team about what is unaccepted in certain cultures. Keep a Business Etiquette Guide around the world to help build a healthy internal communication strategy.

Build Tolerance

The best way you can build tolerance in the workplace is through leading by example. Through your behaviour, your team will slowly get educated about the benefits of working with a diverse team which will cause them to become more tolerant of each other. The inability of your team to cooperate with one another will not only be a roadblock to the success of your business but also to their own professional development. Your employees need to be informed about the positive consequences of building tolerance in the workplace. It will be professionally rewarding, stimulating and educational to every member of the team if they cultivate their ability to collaborate seamlessly.

Ask for Feedback

The best way a manager can spot problems in the workplace is by asking for feedback. Set regular feedback sessions or focus groups to allow your employees to express any concern they have. This will not only help uncover any problems, but it will improve the harmony among the team. Working with people who come from different backgrounds with different abilities means that there is something new to learn every day. It is quite possible for you as a manager and your employees to make mistakes and getting constant feedback can help create a well-oiled working team. Everyone appreciates their voice being heard as it shows a certain level of understanding. The latter decreases the changes of misunderstanding which can feed discrimination and intolerance.

Leading a team is a challenge and it is an even bigger challenge to lead a team of males and females with age variations which come from different backgrounds, have different experiences and aspirations.  Workplace teams today are more diverse than ever before which opens doors of opportunities to many organisations. Nonetheless, a leader should always set an example, build tolerance, encourage effective communication and receive constant feedback to truly witness the benefits of a diverse team.  


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