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August 8, 2018

Sarketing: The Marriage of Sales & Marketing

The collaboration between sales & marketing can yield great results if their efforts are directed towards the same prospects. 

Sales & Marketing
Cooper Fitch Dubai
Cooper Fitch Dubai
Cooper Fitch Dubai
Cooper Fitch Dubai

The collaboration between sales & marketing can yield great results if their efforts are directed towards the same prospects. Sales are the heart of any organisation and marketing helps the blood pump through it. Sales equate revenue and without revenue, a business cannot thrive. Similarly, marketing builds brand awareness and acts as a catalyst that drives the sales of an organisation. With technological advancements and a great shift towards internet-based information, traditional marketing techniques are now replaced with content marketing, social media, data and analytics, email marketing and lead management. To ensure business success and development, both sales and marketing should be working towards the same vision.

Increase in Revenue

If the marketing and sales departments function as one cohesive unit, the expertise of both teams will cause a rise in the business revenue. Sales and marketing have distinctly two different job requirements; however, if they work hand in hand, your business will witness significant success. According to a recent report by Infor, companies with solid sales and marketing alignment achieve 20 percent annual growth rate whereas companies with weak sales and marketing alignment have a revenue decline of 4 percent. It’s indisputable that if the sales and marketing functions are joined at the hip, your selling efforts will not go in vain.

Responsive Campaigns

Sales is the heart of the business and marketing is its pulse line. Back in the day, marketers would issue flyers and customers would call to know more about the business. Nowadays, marketing has become more integrated and organisations can get live feedback on what they are selling or offering. It will be difficult to run a campaign if there isn’t a unified and solid vision identified by the management team. The sales team is in direct contact with the market and they receive real-time and constant feedback.  It is the marketing specialists who have the ability to take this feedback and strategise it in order to create effective campaigns. Marketing should pick up on the information received by the sales team and create a coherent campaign that retains current customers and enhance the customer experience.

Market Growth

Sales and marketing steer towards maintaining and growing the business of an organisation. A study by Sirius Decisions published in 2015 asserted that the overall growth rate within organisations that have aligned their sales and marketing strategies have seen a growth factor between 48 and 79 percent. Utilising digital platforms that can reach a wider target audience base will allow greater brand presence in the market. With the correct demographic analysis and a clear understanding of the market situation, sales can highly profit from the efforts of a strong marketing team.

It’s extremely important for sales and marketing to work with an integrated strategy in line with their organisation’s vision. Together they will generate revenue, sustain existing clients, and help grow the clientele base as well as increase margin. A harmonious sales and marketing strategy will allow businesses to face the changing landscape and expand accordingly. Sales leaders should be able to harness the power of digital and analytical growth in order to develop their business.


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