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July 26, 2018

Effective Teamwork: The Key to Success

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In his leadership book, author and consultant Patrick Lecioni advices on how functional team building activities must be able to build trust, allow healthy conflicts, encourage commitment and accountability and finally drive the team to great results. Team building will help your employees understand each other which will ultimately benefit them when they work together. Team bonding is essential to improve workplace projects that require teamwork. The progress of your business depends mainly on the productivity of your employees and the team building activities below will ensure that your staff members work well together. 

1. Group mentoring

This kind of activity can be done in a group or as a one on one session. Each employee has their own strength or a special skill that they can share with their team. Allocating an hour every week to allow an employee mentor the rest of the team is deemed fruitful if done on regular basis. In case the mentor of the week happens to be a manager of an employee who is in a senior position, the rest of the team will get to know them better which will also break the ice and allow them to know them better on a personal level. As the saying goes, language begins with listening and a group mentoring session will allow your employees to enhance their listening skills and their communication skills in general.

2.  Debates

Having a debate is a great way to build communication skills, acquire knowledge and understand the way your employees think. Luckily this activity can either be done in a meeting room over coffee or it can be done virtually. You can set up a “Question Thursday” where your employees enter your organisation’s very own chat room and debate with each other about a certain topic. You can gather the votes of your employees in order for them to put in their suggestions about what kind of topics would they like to discuss for the upcoming week. Having an employee engagement platform will allow your team to feel they are part of the same mission.  This can be very helpful as well if you have a remote workforce who find difficulty engaging with the other employees.

3. Cultural celebration

Are you working in a culturally diverse setting? Workplaces in the Middle East and specifically the GCC are culturally diverse due to the high rates of expatriates. Managing cultural diversity requires tolerance and understanding. One way to show tolerance and build your team at the same time is to celebrate the different cultures. Celebrating differences can sometimes be a point of strength for your organisation. Imagine your Indian employee eating a dish of their choice from the Lebanese cuisine or your British staff member watching Pakistani cricket. This kind of activity will not only introduce your workforce to new cultures but will also resolve any intercultural communication issues as they gain a better understanding of each other. You can read more about culturally diverse workplaces here: The Benefits of a Culturally Diverse Workplace.

4.  Circle of Appreciation

A simple thank you can make your employees bend over backwards to serve your business better. A circle of appreciation can be formed by seating the employees in a circle and allowing them to choose their own seats. An employee should give an appreciation statement to the person on their right and so on. This kind of team building activity will allow your staff to bond and will also strengthen the communication between them. Sharing appreciation in front of others will make the employees feel important which will consequently improve their performance.

5.  Escape rooms

Not all team building activities should be handled in-house. If you are looking to take things up a notch, then an escape room is the perfect choice for you. Your team will be asked to work together towards the same goal for a limited amount of time. This mimics the nature of the workflow in any organisation where certain projects need to be completed at a specified deadline. In a fun and creative environment, the employees will be able to enjoy their time, get to know each other better, understand the strengths and weaknesses of their team members as well as share success. This will also benefit them on a personal level as it will enhance their critical thinking and time management skills.

Brainstorming sessions usually take place in teams and this is because creativity and innovation are at its peak when people are around someone they are comfortable with. A productive team building activity is synonymous with a successful workplace.


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