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July 18, 2018

Hiring Strategies that Can Change the Game For You

Here are some game-changing strategies that will guarantee you better chances of finding top talents:

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Cooper Fitch Dubai
Cooper Fitch Dubai
Cooper Fitch Dubai
Cooper Fitch Dubai

To begin with, hiring is a challenge for any organisation. When a role opens up and the hunt for the right candidate starts, many things are not taken into consideration. While the current market is heavily in thirst of good candidates, there can be a lack of talent, time and resources. Here are some game-changing strategies that will guarantee you better chances of finding top talents:


Stay up to date

Always remember that other businesses and organisations like you are looking for talents as well. In a growing competitive market and a changing work culture, incentives are becoming challenging. Keeping up with the market trends and salary surveys is a great way to know what your competitors are offering and it will help you in return offer attractive compensation packages. While financial compensation is crucial, employees look for other incentives when they decide to work for a certain organisation. The traditional office environment with strict working hours is changing so keeping yourself educated on what the employees are looking for in a workplace and offering competitive packages will increase your chances of finding the right candidate.

Collaborating with a recruitment agency

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to hire and retain your best employees then getting the help of a recruitment agency is your best bet. Finding the right talent and hiring for open positions is a true challenge for HR or Hiring managers and while the demand might be high, their resources can be scarce. The best way for any organisation to access an efficient talent pool is by getting the help of a recruitment consultant who has experience in the field they are looking to hire for. As a business, you can save days of wasted time sifting through irrelevant CVs and scheduling interviews and just leave it to the experts to deal with.

Clarify expectations up front

Before looking to fulfill a certain position, you need to make sure that you know exactly what you are looking for. Identifying key performance objectives for the role is a must as it will make it easier for you to know exactly what you are looking for. Never condone the soft skills required for the job as well because no matter what the technical skills are, certain abilities are a must. A recruitment process is entirely different than an interviewing process and there has to be a clear end goal to both processes. A target cannot be reached without knowing the exact requirements for the job position that you have to fill especially when you are looking for a good cultural fit.


Fully engaging

As someone who is responsible for filling a certain position, you need to be engaging enough to attract the right talent. Make sure that your brand has an online presence and that you go beyond posting ads on websites. Engage with your potential candidates via webinars, blogs and online content. Responding to candidates in time is a must because even if they might not be a fit for your current role, your reputation is at stake. When you make applicants feel that they are treated like a human being and not like a number, chances are they will be useful to you someday and your organisation will conjure a good word of mouth.

Having an efficient recruitment strategy will ensure a relatively effortless process. In order for your business to strive for success, the right employees should be hired. Remember that your selection and recruitment strategy controls the future of your organisation and that investing in a recruitment agency that can find you exactly what you need can save you effort, money and time.


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