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July 16, 2018

Managing Workplace Negativity

Below are some tips that will help you prevent witnessing an impotent workplace because of negativity. 

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The first step towards managing negativity in the workplace is identifying problems. According to the Harvard Business Review, 80 percent of employees have been impacted by the negativity in the workplace and wasted time worrying about office politics. Furthermore, the study showed that 25 percent of the employees who experience negativity take out their frustration on a customer and 12 percent leave their jobs. Just like any epidemic, negativity spreads very quickly and that is why the sooner an issue is tackled, the better the situation will be.  Below are some tips that will help you prevent witnessing an impotent workplace because of negativity.

Be preemptive

Believe it or not but negativity can be felt a mile away. During the interview process, a smart hiring manager or recruiter should be able to know the kind of candidate they are dealing with. Negativity is sometimes inevitable; however, some people successfully attract negative attitude more than others because of their attitude. The correct behaviour can always be enforced on most employees but it is much easier to make sure that you are hiring the people who are in line with your vision and behavioral values that have a generally positive outlook. Forbes has recently reported that workplace incivility costs $14,000 due to lost productivity and time. Before investing your time and finances into an employee, make sure their negativity will not cost your business.

Be a leader

Because negativity spreads like a wildfire, you need to make sure that you are leading by example. Not only should you be able to radiate a positive attitude around in the workplace but you should also have the ability to be a good mediator or problem solver. The faster problems are noticed, the faster they can be solved. Controlling and influencing the situation at work is one thing and using a systematic problem-solving approach is something else. Make sure that you make it obvious that positivity is one of the principles that are weaved in the workplace and it is embedded in the core values of your mission and vision.

Create feedback sessions

In order to be able to identify where the problem exactly is, you need to create a relationship of trust between yourself and the other employees. This does not only apply to managers or C level executives but it also applies to regular employees and the other peers. There should be a certain level of transparency which allows strong communication between everyone. In this way, no lurking or underlying problems will resurface in critical times and incivility in the workplace can be entirely avoided.  You should always have the ability to ask open-ended questions that allow the other party to freely yet professionally imply their opinion on certain situations. As a manager, make your door always open for any suggestions or any complains to avoid any unnecessary internal conversation that can disrupt the flow of work.

Reward and recognise

Rewarding and recognising are two entirely different terms. While the first might imply financial compensation, the latter implies a moral gratification or acknowledgement. Every person wants to feel like they are a part of something bigger and that they are positively participating in their workplace. To ensure that the employees will want to give it their best, certain measures need to be taken. Both reward and recognition are very important when it comes to creating a healthy and positive workplace. Making sure that every employee knows that their contribution is highly valued will only increase productivity and positivity.

It is entirely important to make sure that there is trust in the workplace that allows the peers to freely communicate how they truly feel about a problem that bothers them. Maintaining a positive work culture is as important as hiring the right people to do the job because no matter how good a person is while doing their job, their productivity will be affected by negativity. In order to improve the success rate of your organisation, ensure instilling good vibes wherever you are working.


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