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July 5, 2018

A Success Story: Retaining Top-Tier Employees is the Smartest Business Decision

Cooper Fitch changes the rules of the game with astonishing retention rates


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Cooper Fitch Dubai
Cooper Fitch Dubai
Cooper Fitch Dubai
Cooper Fitch Dubai

CEO and founder of Cooper Fitch, Trefor Murphy was part of the leadership team for a leading international recruitment firm for 14 years before he seized the opportunity to buy their business and trading licence for the MENA region. The company continued providing first-class recruitment services, before rebranding as Cooper Fitch. After two years as Cooper Fitch, the company has nearly doubled in revenue, headcount. 

Our Recipe for Success 
With rebranding the business to Cooper Fitch, some of the biggest challenges we faced as a recruitment agency include ensuring their brand and look was accepted in the market while attracting and retaining top-tier consultants.  “We aim to attract and retain good talent and we’re very successful at doing so – in the past two years we’ve retained 92% of our employees,” says Trefor Murphy, CEO of Cooper Fitch. “This is almost unheard of in recruitment,” he exclaims.

Cooper Fitch successfully achieves this through a series of initiatives, providing flexible working hours, regular team building activities, celebrations and gifting intrinsic rewards such as extra holidays. “We understand our staff may need time to get things done and the importance of work-life balance. Everyone at Cooper Fitch knows we are their support family”, says Trefor.

A hands-on approach also allows Cooper Fitch to provide a great learning environment with constant assessment and training for employees. Graduates are supported at Cooper Fitch with training ranging from basic skills to managing relationships. Our graduate training programmes have been so successful that we have taken interns, consultants, and managers who are now part of our leadership group.

"Our people are a unique strength in our approach to client retention and management. Our client need to know they are partnered with the business for the long- term, that their account manager is dedicated to the success of their business and their best interest." - Janie Lee Brown, Operations Director 

The Role of Digital Engagement 
Cooper Fitch is one of the top two most socially engaged specialist boutiques in EMEA as it attained over 75,000 followers on LinkedIn and almost 78,000 followers on all of our social media accounts combined. Cooper Fitch uses it to build up brand recognition in the market – “so that everyone, whether a client or a candidate know who we are. 

A dedicated content management strategy has played a large role in this achievement. Each month, five employees leave their desks for the breakout area to write about what they’re doing in the market. Their posts are profiled for a week on the company’s website, on LinkedIn and their other social media platforms. At the end of the month, the person with the most engagement is rewarded.

“We release around 60 blogs a year in total; this exposure is complemented by our salary surveys (released twice a year), press releases and various commentaries on the market which we promote through Dubai Eye The Business Breakfast Show, CNBC and in the local press. We aim to keep this momentum going as we build our brand internationally,” says Trefor.


"My advice to other recruitment consultancies is to smart small, build up organically and get your sourcing strategy right. we've leveraged a brand presence of 18 years in the region and contracts with over 50,000 organisations." -Trefor Murphy, CEO

Cooper Fitch’s has never doubted that success is inevitable. As a top recruitment agency, our goals, mission and vision are right in front of us and we have re-strategised our endeavours for the year ahead. Because we have to be “in it to win it,” our passionate and dedicated team along with our sturdy market relationships in the region, Cooper Fitch cannot envision anything but success. 


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