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July 4, 2018

5 Tips to Improve Employee Retention

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Cooper Fitch has learned through their network of talent that one of the most common reasons for an employee’s job resignation is due to their managers’ behaviour. For any organisation, the success depends on retaining a skilled and committed team. You may perceive a job as the means for your staff to pay bills or support a family but in the eyes of your employees, it is about spending one-third of their life supporting your business and investing their mental and psychological abilities into being productive. This is their career and future. In this article, we provide you with five of our tips on retaining your best employees to ensure they see themselves in the future of your business.

1.     Encourage efficiency and flexitime

If your employees are consistently spending more than forty-eight hours in a week at work, it does not necessarily mean they are being productive or proactive, instead, this is a red flag for a lack of time-management strategy or an overload of tasks. As a leader you should encourage work efficiency and consider flexible working arrangements or hours. If your employees feel they have the freedom to work with flexibility and trust from their leader, performance is more likely to improve with the feeling of empowerment and support.

2.     Bring home to work

Supporting your employees maintain a work-life balance is important and becoming increasingly more popular for successful businesses. But this works best when leaders create life at work, to provide employees with a warm and friendly working environment. Creating a sense of belonging will automatically conjure a greater sense of responsibility from your employee. The more an employee feels like they are a part of the work family, the more devoted they will be to the success of their workplace.

3.     Foster effective communication

There is an unjustified negative stigma hanging like a black cloud over the word “feedback”. If you can foster the art of effective feedback and promote the behaviour across your business, embrace that feedback is a gift used to improve performance and behaviour and should be acceptable to provide across all levels of the business, both horizontally and vertically. If your employees feel their leader is supporting their growth and they have a voice which can contribute to the success of your business they will feel united with your purpose.  

4.     Use friendly competition

A healthy challenge is an inevitable part of any successful workplace. Valuable employees always seek growth and development. Having monthly competitions is a good strategy for employee motivation and drive for success. Friendly competition will not only benefit employees individually but the success of your business goals with the sense of purpose and unity towards the larger picture.

5.     Appreciate their work

Key performance indicators are unavoidable for most performance strategy plans but recognising and appreciating your team efforts is essential for business success. A recent study conducted by Glassdoor has shown that 80 per cent of employees are motivated to work harder when their boss shows them appreciation. Implementing some sort of gratitude will certainly increase your employees' productivity.

Retaining your best talents comes with investing in your personal, not just financially, but with time and empowerment. Employee retention contributes greatly to the long-term success of any business, engaged employees build long-term relationships with valuable clients who contribute to your revenue growth. To keep your staff away from a Gulf Talent search every Sunday morning you can take small steps towards engaged, productive and empowered employees who unleash their true potential for your business.


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