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July 3, 2018

Artificial Unintelligence (AUI)

With the booming of artificial intelligence, it is needless to say that AI is far from reaching the same potential as a human being. Or is it?

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It is fair to say that technology is developing at an exponential rate and the whole world is trying to catch up to the hype. However, with the booming of artificial intelligence, it is needless to say that AI is far from reaching the same potential as a human being. Or is it?

USA Today recently published an article reporting that an IBM computer was able to outscore a debate champion due to its ability to perform different cognitive processes simultaneously. The alleged statement can deem itself untrue or somewhat fabricated. As far as we can see, artificial intelligence has failed to prove itself efficient enough to carry a fruitful conversation.

AI and Customer Service

Many private organisations and specifically banks have been investing in technology to serve their customers. When you call a bank customer support line to report “I lost my credit card”, the AI will not be able to comprehend your concern unless you speak particular keywords or frame your sentences in a specific way. Even when the caller follows the specific instruction, the system may not recognise the customers’ accent. These software requirements cause great frustration for many customers and can consume excessive time to find a resolution to their support requirement.

Many B2C websites have removed the feature of contact support telephone numbers, choosing to only communicate with their customers via Chatbot or email. Both methods of communication eliminate the personal customer relationship and experience.

Investing in artificial technology can be perceived as a way to cut headcount expenses. But there are much more effective ways of cutting operational costs which do not hinder the customer relationship, and therefore, reduce the number of customers. 

Banking is not the only field in which the lack of human communication can be deemed inefficient. For example, if someone wants to buy flowers for their significant other they would prefer to talk to a florist for help with their choice of flower, colour, and arrangement to suit the personal preferences and style of the person they are gifting and the occasion.

Artificial Intelligence and recruitment

Using artificial intelligence to headhunt reduces the recruitment and consultant firms’ ability to source excellent talent. If recruitment agencies choose to move away from doing their research manually, computers will start leveraging existing data to answer the question “who are the 10 best candidates for this job?” There are a few problems with this, the computer would only be able to analyse publicly available data in compliance with GDPR. A significant pool of top-tier talent is not on the market for a new position; AI software is not able to tap into this database, only an experienced recruitment expert with a long-standing network of professionals can tap into this community. AI software is also a far cry away from understanding cultural and behavioural demands of an organisation or an individual. Studies have shown even Baboons display reading skills. The successful appointment of corporations’ future leaders requires a significantly more study than a buzzword scan by a machine.

Recruitment is a man-powered human-based industry, searching for the suitable candidate perfunctorily is impractical. Recruitment experts know their clients’ needs and demands through the build of long-term relationship and partnerships. An excellent recruitment consultant and talent expert do not analyse data with their own eyes but with the eyes of their client partner. It is extremely difficult for a machine to do this successfully.

AI and Dubai

Dubai is among the top three smart cities in the world, but with the development of smart technology, it is concerning how corporations are hindering their customer service experience. There is a time and a place for Artificial intelligence, we see multiple successful software setups with Dubai Government for efficient bill management, traffic fine payments, and city parking to name a few. What is concerning is how private and B2B services are trying to live up to the hype of implementing artificial intelligence and are choosing to communicate with their customers via software programs. Is it a question of concern for corporations catching up to artificial intelligence, or should we be asking when artificial intelligence can be as emotionally intuitive and intelligent as us humans?

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