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July 2, 2018

Recruitment of Saudi Females is on the Rise

Cooper Fitch successfully adapts to the changing job landscape in Saudi Arabia

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Cooper Fitch Dubai
Cooper Fitch Dubai
Cooper Fitch Dubai
Cooper Fitch Dubai

The Saudisation move or Saudi Nationalisation scheme aims to increase the number of Saudi employees in the job market. With the ever-developing employment landscape in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, opportunities for women in the workforce are on the rise.

A research conducted by Booz & Co. concluded that the active workforce in Saudi Arabia compromised 8.2 million people, fewer than half of whom were Saudi Nationals. Most importantly, 85.6 percent of the nationals in the labor workforce were men. According to the ministry’s spokesman Khaled Abalkhail, there are 12 sectors that are now designated to accept Saudis only.

As of June 2018, Saudi Arabia has witnessed a 130% spike in Saudi women joining the workforce. Women currently present 30 percent of the total Saudi workforce in the private sector. 

Noona Nafousi, our Head of Technical Sales asserted, “We have been working with a number of multinationals looking to increase the number of Saudi Nationals and particularly Saudi females into their workforce.  We are proud to say that due to our network in the Saudi market, Cooper Fitch has one of the strongest databases in the Gulf region.”

Cooper Fitch has been in the Middle East since 1997 and has extensive experience when it comes to adapting to the fluctuating job market in the MENA region. With the new Saudi laws, Cooper Fitch has an exclusive database of qualified female Saudi nationals in different business sectors in multinational organisations and Saudi companies. 


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