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June 25, 2018

The Impact of AI on the Job Landscape

5 jobs that might disappear in the near future due to the anticipated prevalence of AI in the workforce

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Let’s start off by defining AI. AI stands for Artificial Intelligence and it can be defined as intelligence demonstrated by machinery. With the exponential rate of technological development, we can envision the dominance of Artificial Intelligence which will highly affect the job market. According to a study done by McKinsey Global Institute, up to one-fifth of the global population workforce will be affected due to the advancement of technology. Here are 5 jobs that might disappear due to the prevalence of AI in the workforce.

 1. Motor Drivers

We can see it coming. From Tesla to Google’s driverless cars, it only makes sense that taxi drivers and delivery staff will be suffering to find a job in the near future. Unlike human beings, autonomous vehicles have the ability to operate 24/7 without claiming a monthly paycheck.

 2. Agricultural workers

Harvesting, measuring land plots, and maintaining crop are all a part of the agricultural work which used to be purely man-powered. With the technological advancements we have today, the human force will rather be focusing on maintaining and automating machinery.

3. Publishers

Let’s face it; newspapers are dying. With the approach of the big data Internet of Things (IoT), online news websites and blogs, it is fair to say that print media is on the verge of collapsing. Well-renowned publishers and newspapers that have existed for decades such as The Guardian, is asking its readers for donations to help sustain its existence.

4. Bank Tellers

We are already witnessing AI-powered machines interacting with bank customers. The power of AI has been under test for years and it is expected to get even more advanced. Virtual tellers are expected to replace bank tellers completely and become even more ubiquitous.

5. Tele Marketers

Chatbots are becoming more intelligent day after day. From Amazon’s Alexa to Google’s Siri we can fairly say that customer service assistants and telemarketers will no longer be necessary especially for those who have a phone-based job which basically relies on speaking according to a certain script.

With its pros and cons, the dominance of AI in the job market is something we all must face and deal with. With fewer errors and a quick turnover rate, AI is certainly threatening many jobs. However, there will always be certain skills that robots cannot acquire such as the human being’s ability to learn new skills, acquire knowledge or deal with different situations.



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