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June 24, 2018

Work VS. The World Cup

3 tips to improve your employees’ productivity during the World Cup mania

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The World Cup is a quadrennial international football tournament and also the world’s largest sports event awaited eagerly by millions of fans. Unfortunately, it is not rare to find employees calling in sick just right before or after a FIFA World Cup game. Here are three tips on how to increase your employees’ productivity during the game season.

1. Imply fairness amongst your employees

It is fair to say that not everyone is keen on keeping up with what is happening with the World Cup. While many employees can start conjuring excuses for skipping work, many others will be indifferent to the game. Remind your team of fairness at work and the fact that while one employee might be requesting a day off or calling in sick to watch the game, another employee will be working and that goes against the usual fair organisational procedures.

2. Show the game in the office

One way to share your employees’ excitement for the game and prevent them from skipping work is displaying the football match on the office TV. While it might be quite distracting, it will definitely build excitement for all the employees and prevent them from entirely skipping a workday and disrupting the workflow.  For instance, Cooper Fitch has organised a World Cup themed competition that successfully engages employees into living the spirit of the game and keeps them eager to come to the office. Caring about what your employees care about, is a great way to motivate them to do their job.  

3. Remind them of the approaching holidays

In the frenzy of the game, employees might forget that skipping work to watch a match is cutting down from their annual leave and sick leave days balance. Instead of presenting it out to them in a “warning” manner, kindly remind them that they can utilize their leave days in a much wiser and more efficient manner.

The productivity of your employees does not necessarily have to receive the red card during the World Cup season. Accommodating to your employees' interests around a certain social or sport will boost up their sense of belonging.  It is up to the employer to keep their staff engaged and create a happy work environment in order not to keep receiving excuses about skipping work to watch the big game. 


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