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November 16, 2017

5 Technicalities Recruiters Look For On Your LinkedIn Profile

Believe it or not, your LinkedIn Profile has more power than you realize...

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You've been trolling the net for hours, searching for a job and you finally stumble upon an application for your dream job and your qualifications match the job description perfectly! The question is, how you are going to make sure your profile stands out to recruiters who are searching through hundreds of profiles trying to find an ideal candidate?

Here is a list of some of the things recruiters such as myself look for in a LinkedIn profile:


Instagram, Facebook or even Tinder photos will not work as your professional profile picture to be very clear! Furthermore, be cautious not to have anything too cheesy, seductive or flirtatious. If you have 25 years of experience and you are using a picture of you graduating from college, then people will take notice and it may affect your credibility! Remember that your photo is your first impression so make sure it's the right one.

A clear and recognisable job title:

I have seen all different types of job titles, from “Business Winner” to “Professionalist” neither of which really explain what exactly that person does. Keep it standard or descriptive if it's technical and not your standard manager or executive title. “Digital Overlord” (Website Manager), “Chief Chatter”(Call Center Manager), “Brand Evangelist” (Marketing Brand manager) or “Retail Jedi” (Shop assistant) might be creative titles but they are not the type of perplexing thoughts you want to create for the person reviewing your profile. Standard job titles might sound boring but its these titles that will come up first when us recruiters are searching for candidates.


After your picture and title, we normally browse through the specifics of your current and previous positions, always fill in these sections! When recruiters see a title with no responsibilities or achievements, they lose interest and begin to doubt the candidate. Recruiters want to see the specifics of the candidate that will clearly state there capabilities and day to day activities. More than that, we also like to learn more insights on the candidate like a detailed personal summary that gives ideas to your thoughts, passions and interests at work. This stands out and prompts recruiters to pick up the phone and learn more.

Recommendations and groups:

Don’t be modest, show off your best work! Recommendations are a really good endorsement of this, especially from high title colleagues. If you are leaving a company and manage to get yourself a reference letter, use it as an online recommendation for everyone to see. Personally speaking, I always pay attention to a detailed recommendation, not a one-liner, but a good paragraph from a credible source. We also look at the groups and organisations you like and follow. Why so, you ask?  Well, this again gives more insight into who you are, what you like and what your ambitions and goals may be.

New opportunities: 

Finally and possibly most importantly, if you want to get noticed and appear ahead of others, then flick on your “open to new opportunities” switch!

This along with all my other tips will give you the complete profile and improve your chances of a recruiter approaching you for the right positions in line with your career expectations. 


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