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April 12, 2017

Top 3 Most Uncomfortable Questions Recruiters Need to Ask

Questions asked by recruiters are for your own benefit. It is preferable to disclose certain information if you are able to, rather than keeping it confidential. In the end, we (as recruiters) are trying our best to find you the right match and will definitely be asking those questions for a reason that is definitely for your benefit.

Difficult interview questions
Cooper Fitch Dubai
Cooper Fitch Dubai
Cooper Fitch Dubai
Cooper Fitch Dubai

We know the clients’ needs and we like tailoring their requirements as detailed as to personality traits and characteristics they look for in their potential candidates. Some candidates tend to have the wrong idea of a recruiter because they feel uncomfortable when a series of questions start to shoot at them! It is understandable that they feel pushed away or that the recruiter is being too interfering with matters that have nothing to do with the opportunity being presented.

One could assume its similarity to a psychological test that is designed to unleash one’s different sides and discover hidden traits and qualities. One could always ask for confidential conformity from the recruiter and I am sure they will take it into consideration.   

Questions candidates do not like answering: 

How active have you been in the job market? – some candidates tend to worry when they are asked of the jobs they have applied to recently and whether or not they have been interviewing. I think many just assume that if they have applied to other roles, the following would be valid:

·  We would be less interested in presenting their profile.

·  We will not be able to submit their profile and move forward with the process because they have
   already been actively present in the job market.

What current salary package are you on? – This matter is to most people confidential and tends to worry them. Many would ask for the salary being proposed by the company, but most of the times that is not relevant. No matter what the salary is that the company is offering, it is to some extent alterable according to the candidate’s experience and qualifications.

Why do you really want to leave your current company? – Candidates tend to feel that this question may bring up conflicts or problems for them if not kept confidential. Most would not share the real reason they plan to leave their company or why they are interested in other opportunities in the market. I understand it’s not so easy to reveal what is really absent in your current position or the real complaints you would like to present to your manager. But it is important to keep in mind that being open and honest about it helps us as recruiters help you back without having to assume that you are the type of candidate that would be willing to take an opportunity because of a higher salary for instance! One could always ask for confidential conformity from the recruiter and I am sure that a professional recruiter would!

If you are a professional seeking a new career challenge actively or passively in Manufacturing, Engineering or HR across the GCC, please do not hesitate to contact me on my details below to have an open and honest conversation as I may have an exciting position that meets your career ambitions and aspirations.



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