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October 16, 2017

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Sales Professionals

Finding the right candidate is commonly known to be a trying task and that is especially true when it comes to hiring sales professionals.

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Sales jobs are particularly difficult to fill and it is even more challenging to keep them filled as sales professionals are known to be enticed by the next big paycheck.  During my time in the industry, I have noticed that hiring managers rarely implement the correct process for selecting the right sales candidate. Listed below are 4 errors that hiring managers should try and avoid during the recruitment process:

1. Relying on one particular tool/assessment:

All too often hiring managers use generic assessment tools as a rule of thumb to gauge a candidate's abilities.  They then end up hiring a candidate purely based on their ability to pass the assessment, however, these tools do not always demonstrate the candidate’s true capabilities. These tools should be used in conjunction with other instruments to measure a candidate’s performance, such as asking them the right questions and delving deeper into their previous work experience.

2. Failing to determine if a candidate has sufficient drive:

The key to a successful salesperson is whether or not they inherently have a personality trait that cannot be learned – Drive.  A candidate's drive is what will ultimately lead a salesperson and a sales team to success. If you want to determine whether or not a candidate has sufficient drive,  you may want to consider asking them questions about their need for achievement, their level of competitiveness and optimism.

3. Forgetting to analyze all aspects of a candidates personality:

The CEO of GE, Jack Welch always took his potential candidates for a game of golf, because he wanted to observe the manner in which the candidate would handle himself in case he got into trouble...would he remain calm or get frazzled? This is a good example to view how a candidate reacts and performs under pressure. Getting a candidate out of their comfort zone is always a good indicator of their overall personality. It’s not ideal to end up with someone who’s a star in the interview but can’t handle the pressure once the job starts.

4. Focusing too much on experience: 

Normally an employer focuses on 90% of the candidate's past track record and work experiences and only 10% of their skill set is taken into consideration. Even though a proven track record with multiple success stories highlights their abilities it should not be the only thing to be relied upon! Personality is as important as experience for a sales role. Be sure to look out for the below seven traits in candidates as they generally make for a successful salesperson

  • Intelligence
  • Flexibility
  • Passion
  • Ability and willingness to learn
  • Problem solver
  • Assertiveness
  • Decisiveness

At Cooper Fitch, we follow a meticulous process to filter out the crème de la crème in the market for our clients and also offer HR advisory services which help to make the hiring and onboarding process more efficient and successful.



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