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September 25, 2017

4 Insights Your LinkedIn Profile Reveals About You

Anyone can fill in the missing fields on a LinkedIn profile but the way you go about it can make or break your personal brand. Consequently,  If you want to create a standout profile it is important to understand what your LinkedIn profile says about you. 

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Cooper Fitch Dubai
Cooper Fitch Dubai
Cooper Fitch Dubai

Below are 4 perceptions your LinkedIn profile creates about you

1. How well you know your field

Your LinkedIn job title depicts your area of specialization and sets the tone for the rest of your profile. It is imperative that your job title is eye-catching and that everything else on your profile validates your title. Feel free to adapt your title to more than just your current job title, if possible try to encompass all of your skills and expertise into one title.

Remember, the posts you share, updates you make, the companies you follow and the media you share assist in demonstrating the knowledge you have acquired about the industry in which you specialise as well as endorse your interest and expertise in the specified field.

2. Your credibility

Your education, certifications, references and past work experience all contribute to the overall credibility of your profile. You need to ensure that viewers experience consistency when navigating throughout your profile. This can be done by showcasing relevant past work experience and qualifications that verify your desire to reach your career goals. Where possible try and quantify your work achievements and responsibilities, this will instantly enhance your profile's credibility by allowing the viewer to visualise your achievements. Your profile should also include every tool, program and system that you know, even if it's only at a basic level. Lastly,  including other people's opinions about your work ethic and abilities in your profile will also assist in validating the professional image you are trying to portray.

3. How you see yourself professionally

Your page summary provides the opportunity for you to showcase your personality and build your personal brand. You can select the areas you wish to focus on whether it be your current role, past roles, accomplishments, interests or all of the above. The selected focal area will highlight the main purpose of your LinkedIn profile and will help others to understand what to expect if they wish to contact or connect with you.  If you wish to make your profile more personable then feel free to write in the first person. This will help your personality shine through and enhance the viewer's overall impression of your individuality.

4. Your language skills

It is important to remember that the page summary also highlights your language ability so be sure to steer clear from jargon and double check your spelling and punctuation. It is also recommended that you keep your page summary between 3-5 paragraphs in order to make your profile more visually appealing, particularly to those with shorting attention spans.   

As a result, it is imperative that you understand the message you are conveying about your professional capabilities on your LinkedIn profile. It is always a good idea to get a fresh pair of eyes to view your profile and get their opinion on how you are portraying yourself. Ultimately, you need to keep your target audience and career goals in mind when writing your profile and fully understand the story you wish to convey about your professional career. 


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