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August 27, 2017

5 Ways to Leave Your Job on a Positive Note

Leaving your job can be a rather stressful affair as there are always a few hurdles that need to be faced before walking out the door.  

Cooper Fitch Dubai
Cooper Fitch Dubai
Cooper Fitch Dubai
Cooper Fitch Dubai

No matter the reason... whether it be because you're unhappy in your current job or have a job offer that you simply can't refuse, it is imperative to leave on a good and professional note. Below are a few tips that will assist in creating a smoother transition from one job to the next.

1. Know your contract

It is vital that you know how much notice needs to be given before you can leave and who your notice needs to be given to. First things first, inform your boss of your departure before you tell anyone else. Secondly, if you'd like to make a good gesture towards your boss then inform them well in advance of your notice period. This will give you plenty of time to wrap up current projects and give your boss enough time to find a suitable replacement for you. If you'd like to go the extra mile, you could even offer to assist your boss in finding your replacement.

2. Write a resignation letter

A resignation letter should not be a means to avoid an unpleasant conversation with your boss but rather act as a facilitator during a face to face resignation meeting. Writing a resignation letter will assist you in providing concrete reasons for your resignation and provide an opportunity for you to thank your boss for their efforts and show your gratitude towards your time at the company. The letter will also serve as the confirmation of your resignation which will be needed for their company records.

3. Explain your reasons for leaving and be respectful

Provide clear and concise reasons for why you have decided to leave and make an effort to not serve ties with your boss and fellow employees. Take the time to send out an email to your co-workers and clients, informing them of your resignation and providing your future contact details. This will show them that you are still interested in maintaining a good relationship with them and will help to maintain your professional network for future references.

4. Consider part-time or freelancing

If you're choosing to leave your job for reasons other than having another job offer, you may want to consider offering to work on a part-time or on a freelance basis. This will provide an opportunity to maintain a working relationship with your company but will also provide you with the time you need to maintain other commitments such as children or starting your own business.

5. Leave on a high note

As tempting as it may be to have an "I'm leaving, I don't care" attitude, try your best to steer clear of it and leave on a high note. Bear in mind that people are most likely to remember the last few interactions they shared with you so make sure they are positive. Take the time to finish all of your unfinished business and say your goodbyes.

Remember, once you've quit your job there is no going back...especially if you don't make an effort to leave graciously and on a positive note. Please feel free to share the tips and tricks that have helped you make leaving your job a positive and rewarding experience. 


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